#92 - The happy couple (1)

Somehow, it was decided at pottery class today, that these two pottery people had to be a couple.

My final touch next week will be to give the woman some cat-eye glasses.  I can totally see this poor little guy following his wife around.  Yes dear…sure dear…whatever you say dear…

I am amassing a collection of these funny characters in my dining room. So far each one has had a different hat.  I’m digging the cowboy hat with the handle bar mustache.  They say don’t mess with me…yet he’s only 10 inches tall!   Poor guy.

Here is my show n’ tell for the day.

#92 - The happy couple (3)

My Koi stamped bowl is finished.  Two of the six Pakistani hand carved stamp bowls are complete, as well as my hand crafted shamrock stamp bowl. They are quite nice.  I think soup is in order.

I have about ten pieces of pottery that need their final glazes applied, so next week will be a glazing week. I will also have to under glaze my pottery people. After that, I may try to create some giant pottery birds for my garden.  I guess the past couple posts have left me a little bird-brained.

I’d also better get going creating some bud vases.  I figure three more weeks and something ought to be blooming!

My pottery instructor finally went live today with her website http://plumpotteryeast.com/.  She is so giving and nurturing to our community.  I’m glad to know her. Congrats Rhea on joining the virtual world!

I just love Tuesdays.  They are a low stress creative day for me.

OK. let me leave you with this:

#92 - The happy couple (2)

How’d ya like them apples!  Hee hee hee. Nothing like a really bad pun!

Enjoy your day!


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