Deja vu?  I know, I know, if you have been following my bird series then you know I already did a goldfinch.  In fact, I can save you on more dialogue by referring you to POST #88 – AMERICAN GOLDFINCH to learn my thoughts and ideas on goldfinches.

So why did I do another you ask?

Well, compared to all the birds so far:

IMG_6614 #87 - THE SEAGULL - Long Walk Off a Short Pier (1) #89 - Hope is the thing with feathers -ROBIN (1) #89 - Hope is the thing with feathers -ROBIN (2) IMG_6783 #91 - SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FREIND - THE Hummingbird (1) #93 - THE AMERICAN GOLDFINCH REVISITED x

This picture of a goldfinch:

#88 - GOLDFINCH (1)

Didn’t really seem to fit in.  There is nothing wrong with it, I just felt like the bird wasn’t as much of a highlight as I would have liked and since I have 273 days left of my CREATIVITY CHALLENGE.  Why not do it again if I so chose to?

Yeah, that’s why, plain and simple.  I wanted to.

Now are there any opinions from the nut gallery as to which one they like better?

I’m all alone here, so since I’m at it, I will ask for a little feedback on the crayon with watercolor technique.  How does it come off?  Polished or too cartoon-like?

I’ll tell you why I’ve been using this medium for the past 8 some-odd days.  It is really teaching me discipline and simplicity.  In order to use the thick crayons, I really have to bring my drawing down to as few lines as possible.  Streamlining you’d might say.   When you force yourself to streamline you become very deliberate which I think shows a little more confidence in your work. I think as I heavily consider each line, the images are getting stronger and stronger.  I’m figuring out which lines to create in crayon and which to just leave to the paint. I will move on to something else for a while I’m sure, but I will take the precision with me.

BTW.  During this bird series I changed a few of my materials.  The thick rectangle Stockmar crayons were too cumbersome when trying to create in small sizes.

#60 - Not your kids crayons

So I went to my trusted source: SOUTH COUNTY ART SUPPLY and asked Andrea Peitsch, the owner, what I could do about it.  She found me The Faber-Castell 24 count Beeswax crayons.  They are a high quality crayon, they come in stick form, are smooth and the color selection is terrific.  Thank you South County Art Supply!!!

Also as a recommendation from Andrea, I converted from Windsor-Newton watercolors to M. Graham watercolors.  The prices are a little lower and the quantities are larger.  Best watercolor paint brandsSo far, I am really happy with their product.  There were a few pigments I couldn’t find, so I will stick to Windsor Newton for those, but for the amount of paint I am going through these days, it suits me fine to find a high quality watercolor in larger quantities.

So Again:

Thank you South County Art Supply

I’m so glad to have them in town!


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  1. I think your new Goldfinch takes centre stage a little more as the main focus and so maybe why that’s why you might feel this one fits in with your Bird group you have painted so far Mary .
    Wonderful .

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