I am amassing quite the collection of bird paintings.  I already did two other robin paintings, but they didn’t seem to fit with all the other paintings in the group. So, I just made another!

Now I have 8 bird paintings I am quite fond of.  I think they’d make for a beautiful kitchen.  I paid careful attention to all of the backgrounds to make sure that none were the same, yet all would flow together harmoniously.

It will be great, I can bird-watch indoors and out!

This is what I have so far:

IMG_6614#87 - THE SEAGULL - Long Walk Off a Short Pier (1)


#96 - THE BLUE JAY (1)#91 - SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FREIND - THE Hummingbird (1)

I have been creating the birds first out of cardboard from my recycling, second with bees wax crayon and finally, a wash of watercolor.  There are so many bird images in the world, I figured this technique would force me to make something unique.

My question to those of you reading this post is, should I make them a set of 8 or a set of 12?  I still have some bird favs, but I am not sure if I should just move on or create more… As an audience, any opinions on the matter?  See more birds or see something new?

 I’ve kind of felt indecisive for the past few days…I’m not sure why.

To bird or not to bird, this is the question.

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to sleep on it!


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  1. Thank you all for your feedback…Sort derailed this week…wondering where I am and what am I doing and where should I go next. Sometimes you just need to hear another human’s voice telling you….KEEP GOING!

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