Today I tried another illustration for my friend Jeanine’s hiking guide.  Refer back to POST #68  for the back story.

Today’s assignment is to represent a little bit of everything you’d find in the Rhode Island forest within the confines of a 12×9 inch border.

This wasn’t as easy as I thought.  I had ideas of forest, rock ledges, waterfalls, ocean, meadows, swamps and then all of the flora and fauna one might find on their journey.  As I started to sketch, reality set in.  How do I fit all of that into a one inch radius?

So, I settled on all the cool things one might see on their hike and will illustrate the landscapes somewhere else in the book or we will have to create a couple different field journal observation pages. That is an option too.

So now it is up to Jeanine.  She will have to begin to figure out what exactly she envisions for what she has written. She will have to decide if my style coincides with this vision.  I know it must be very difficult to give birth to her creative baby.  Real childbirth’s nothin’!

So good luck Jeanine!

I will gather your thoughts tomorrow.


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