#99- FOR THE BIRDS (1)

How silly is this bird fountain vase?

I started with a bowl I messed up on.  It was crooked and wavy on one side.  There was not much I could do to fix it, so I did the opposite, I went with it.  Five tiers later you’d almost think I meant for it to be wavy and crooked.  Makin’ lemonade baby…  With all of these bird paintings, a little bird crept into the piece too!

#99- FOR THE BIRDS (2)

Next is a very large bowl.  It has a doily impression in it.  I experimented with glazes.  Starting in the center is a brick-red glaze, followed by a rusty orange, next, straw yellow, then bright sun yellow, followed by a medium green.  My hope is that they all bleed into each other nicely. The rainbow from red to green.  I also included a bunch of glass in the bottom.  It will melt in the kiln and hopefully create a sparkly surprise in the center….or go horribly wrong….there is always that!  Glazes are tough, you come up with a theory and a formula in your head, but it seldom does what you want it to! I’ll pray for a happy accident!

#99- FOR THE BIRDS (3) #99- FOR THE BIRDS (4)

I also spent a lot of time glazing a bunch of stuff.  My mother’s St. Patrick’s Day Birthday planter (really late BTW!), 4 bowls and a mug.  One of the bowls here should be a bright yellow sunflower when all is done.  The other bowls have the beautiful Pakistani wooden hand carved stamps in the centers and a random mug I painted in aqua and red.  I should have lots of goodies to share next time!

#99- FOR THE BIRDS (5)

I finished my pottery class with some paint on my happy couple.  I named them Ida and Ernesto.  I forgot I was going to make her cat-eyeglasses, I guess I will try to make them next time and epoxy them on?

So, I have a little bad news about Ernesto.  I was painting the underside of his hat, thinking to myself, “I should really be working over a table” when… SPLAT.  Ernesto’s head fell off and hit the ground.  So this is the photo before the damage.  I was able to put him back together, but his hat is a little wonky, one of his ears got smooshed and his nose is a little flatter.  Poor Ernesto…we will be with you through sickness and in health!  I’m just preparing you, he may look like he suffered a little bit of a stroke :)

I spent the whole session tying up loose ends.  This means I can start a new project next time around…

Hmm…what to do, what to do!


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