#100 - DAY 100 TREAD LIGHTLY (4)

DAY 100.  Who’d a thunk it?

I know when I came up with this silly notion, I didn’t think of more than two weeks, yet alone one hundred days.  I don’t suppose I really could have.  I knew I had to take one day at a time or else I might suffer from panic attacks!

And that is what I’ve done, I’ve pretty much taken one day at a time.  For instance, I am leaving on vacation tomorrow.  I will complete something before I go, but I have absolutely no idea for the day after…I’ll just have to take in the sights and come up with something.  I can’t think about it too much, because I don’t know anything more than I will not be home.

I will just have to WING IT!

#100 - DAY 100 TREAD LIGHTLY (3)

I found these plain white canvas Converse on Utrecht’s website.  I have wanted a pair of Chucks for so long, but I couldn’t commit to a color.  So I bought these and they have sat in the box for over a month.  I couldn’t figure out what to do…Then I woke up this morning and thought “No time like the present!”  With that, I started doodling.

#100 - DAY 100 TREAD LIGHTLY (2)#100 - DAY 100 TREAD LIGHTLY (1)

The outside of the sneakers has the sunflower and the inside the hot pink flower.  I made a cat peeking out using the two air holes that come on the inside of the shoe.  I had no real game plan, I just designed a shoe and then copied the designs to it’s pair.  They are pretty wild.  What on earth does one where with shoes like these?  Never thought of that, If I had I may have designed something a little more subtler….yeah right :)

I’m not sure if I’m done though, I have this hankering to color the back ground a light chartreuse color.  My favorite color is green.  I’d have a heck of a lot more things to wear with them, but I figured I can’t go back after I do it, so maybe I should sleep on it.

Well, I am going to hit publish and then take a moment to congratulate myself.  If this was 365 days of exercise I would have bailed out on the challenge by day twelve!  I chose something I love.  With the exception of weekends, this has been total bliss.  I’m going to glance at each post from the last one hundred days and open my eyes to what was strong, what was weak, what I enjoyed, what I didn’t.  Try to understand where I’ve been and where I should go next.

A vacation will be a great opportunity to shake things up.  Take me out of my comfort zone and awaken my senses.

Perfect timing I must say.


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