#102 – Orlando – A Man Made Paradise


I am going to make my posts super short this week so I can go spend time with my family.

We have arrived in Florida!  Ahh, the humidity, how I missed you!  The green leaves, the smell of flowers in the air.  There is nothing like escaping a New England winter, even if for only a week.

We are here to get some vitamin D into our skin and to watch our kids swim, and swim, and swim, and swim some more, eat, swim, swim, swim.  That is pretty much it.  My kids have actually asked to go back to the hotel to swim when they were at Disney Land.  OK. by me!!!

I am going to grab my book and head over to the hot tub and not get out until medically necessary!

This morning I took a quick stroll to find something to document.  I came across this hedge of honey suckle and it stopped me in its tracks.  Wow have I missed that smell.  It’s amazing.  On top of that was a hibiscus hedge.  The bright red flowers and all that lush, lush greenery!  So I stopped, sat on the curb and started sketching this spot.

Within 5 minutes I was up and on my feet shaking!  I looked down, and realized there was another thing about a warm climate that I forgot about.  RED ANTS!!! All over my pants!!!  I quickly finished up, came home, painted and now I am truly feeling “antsy” to get out there and enjoy some R&R…

So sorry for those of you stuck at work, hee hee hee…but cheer up. It’s Friday!  I’m sure  for those still stuck in New England, they can find a tanning bed right around the corner!


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