#103 - Hibiscus with Florida oranges

I can only imagine how I looked yesterday evening.  All of the vacationers were sitting enjoying their happy hour cocktails…while odd-ball Mary bounced from hedge to hedge cutting the resort’s flowers!  Not to mention a camera wrapped around my neck for added appeal.  They were sipping away, as I honed in on curious little lizards and beautiful flora.  I just know they were wondering what this freak with scissors was doing on the patio! I was just waiting for one of the grounds keepers to accost me and tell me to step away from the fruits of their labor, but I just couldn’t restrain myself.  I just love flowers!

I made three different bouquets yesterday and then had fun photographing the still lives I created.  I even found a three-foot piece of Spanish Moss for added appeal.  Yeah, not your typical tourist.

So I started painting one of the still lives this morning, took a break for a late breakfast, painted, went swimming with the kids…now I am finishing up and blogging before I head back to the pool.  My kids will be swimming until at least 9pm tonight.  Their Grandmother just fed them some French fries, so they will be good for another 4 hours! Did I mention I am the proud mother of a hoola-hoop competition winner?  Yeah, they are having a blast.  The resort serves ice cream sundaes promptly at 3pm each day.  It’s a tough gig.

So stop and enjoy my flowers!  Maybe if you strain your eyes you can catch a lttle glimpsef the sun!


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