#104 – Mango with Yellow Tube Flowers?


I probably have another 1/2 hour  to an hour left on this painting…shadows and depth need to be added, but I’m throwing the towel in.  It’s past midnight and I’ve had a crazy long day!

We opted to buy the week pass to Sea World and Aquatica.  With that said, I spent about seven hours today hauling inner tubes up nine stories and flying down rapids with my kiddos.  For some reason, they could give a rats behind about my 365 Day challenge.  I’m the mom, we are on vacation, we need to play hard! And play hard we did. I can’t wait to wake up six hours  from now and start all over again…Do I get a vacation from vacation?  Oh yeah, that’s called kids go back to school!

So we got home around 7pm had some din-din and I started this painting.  I have to be on drugs!  Really, I should have drawn Shamu on a cocktail napkin and call it a day! Hmmm,,,,I may have to do that for tomorrow.

So I’m off to bed.  Challenge met…I’ll tweek it tomorrow.



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