#106 -Anole

My daughter insists that I can’t leave Florida until I’ve done a painting of the little lizards you find all over the place here.  On the screens, plants, curbs, and sidewalks there are little lizards everywhere!

My family was calling them Geckos, but I did my homework, the little creatures here in Orlando are called Brown Anole lizards.

My kids and I went lizard hunting every night this week.  Around 5pm seems to be the best time for lizard hunting.  They all seem to come out onto the sidewalks for their final warming from the day’s sun.  So out we went, tip-toeing through the resort trying to catch these ridiculously fast creatures.  If you catch them by the tail, their tail falls off as a defense mechanism. We tried 4 nights in a row.  No luck, the Anole Lizards were just too fast for us!

Last night we went to a family member’s house for dinner.  Us adults were chit-chatting away when, sure enough, on day 5, my daughter caught a lizard.  One inch from my eyeballs dangled this little lizard.  “Mom, Mom, look what I have!!!”  It was so close I could barely focus….A good scream came from me next as I wasn’t expecting this, which made it even better for my daughter!

Well, that is what I get for sending my kids out on lizard hunts.  I personally thought I would just send them out on this fool’s errand, it would keep them busy and entertained and it never really mattered if we ever caught any…but sure enough, I was wrong.  My daughter was patient and fast enough.  Kudos to her!

Personally, I like to watch these little creatures from afar.  The one inch mark is just a little too close for my comfort.

Anyway, thank you little Anole lizards for keeping us so darned entertained all week!

We head home tomorrow.  Vitamin D restored.


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    1. I have an encaustic set that I am supposed to try out for an art store…I’ve been delaying because I don’t know much about it…can you recommend a starter tutorial?

      1. What I think you should do is just start with it and let the material do its work… You will find out your own way… It’s really great doing encaustic art… If I can help you, just let me know! ;)

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