We left for the airport at 10am this morning…It’s now 7pm and we still have two more flights to go.  We are in DC where our latest flight was cancelled.  If we are lucky we will get on a 9pm flight to Boston and a bus back to Providence, RI.  Yep, I’m pretty sure we will be getting home early tomorrow morning sometime.  So, I am sitting in the airport while my husband helps me get my doodles off the phone and onto the laptop, so I can then add them to this blog.  Heck, we have two more hours…why not?  The rumor is everyone has been rerouted or stranded due to Obama visiting Boston.  How lucky are we?  Flights to DC and Boston!!!  Woo Hoo!

So the doodles are just that, doodles.  Who knows why I started drawing silly fish?  Beats me.  I started with two blobs, one left, one right.  Then I had the idea to turn them into fish.  I added the eyes, fins and lips.  After that, I just started to play with patterns.  I like tattooed “male” fish on the left. He seems a little tough.  While the fish on the right seems a little bit of a princess….Yep, applying social constructs to doodle fish….been in the airport too long!


Next, I told my kids we could get a new cat after vacation because our beloved cat “Pina” died during the last hurricane.  They are very excited.  They told me to draw our new cat….I don’t know what our new cat is going to look like…But I had fun doodling anyway.  As a family, we all agree, the only prerequisite for our new cat is that it is friendly.  We had Pina for 12 years and she hated people.  That included us!  Why do we want another cat????  Yeah, exactly!

2013-04-18 18.51.06

So this is my current state.  I’m so glad I washed the chlorine off of myself this morning!  I am about to hit the “post” button and then continue on with the airport monotony.  I am pretty sure after 3 hours of looking at the Boston Terrorist footage, I could ID them if they walk by…Uggh… Total sadness, drummed into my head non-stop… Way to end my vacation!

But really, we are OK.  We have tons of electronics, tons of junk food, and each other.  Who could ask for anything more!


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