#109 – Italian Vintage Cat

#109 (4)

Boy am I still Exhausted.  We left The DC airport after a cancelled flight, at 9pm last night. We then Flew into Boston where a “super shuttle” bus was supposed to take us into Providence.  No bus.  The airline bought us a taxi to the Providence airport.  Long story short, we finally arrived home well after midnight.  What was supposed to be a 1pm flight bringing us home for 5pm,  wound up being a nightmare with all of the Boston terrorism goings on.  In fact, we arrived home just as they were shutting down all of the roads due to the car-jacking/shoot out.  I can only imagine.  We could still be in the Boston airport!  Really though, I have absolutely nothing to complain about in the wake of what the victims are facing.  I am so sorry.  I don’t even have words.

So I wake up a little groggy this morning and my daughter is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as usual.  “Come on mom.  I want to make an American Girl Doll dress!”  Really?  can I have a cup of coffee first?  OK. Coffee out of the way, we set to work.  She wanted a halter dress for summer.  “My poor doll doesn’t have any summer clothes.” she tells me.  Mind you, I can do some fairly creative things, but for some reason reading patterns is not one of them!  I am totally a visual person.  So, I did the best I could.  No pattern, I just cut, ironed and had my daughter sew.  I had some old bric-a-brac from a decade ago that I had her stitch for the halter.  Whatever, you say about my gorilla-sewing techniques, doesn’t matter.  My daughter was thrilled.  Mom job done!

#109 (1)

Next onto Mary’s job for the day.  Find some sort of muse for a painting.  My daughter, who is always full of advice for old mom, suggested I paint the ridiculous cat statue I have proudly displayed in my dining room.  As my sister would say, “That cat statue is absolutely hideous, but some how you make it work :)”.  She’s probably right, it’s hideous, but I simply love it.  I think it’s Italian and from the 1950’s.

The story goes like this.  In my early twenties I found this ugly green cat statue at a junk dealer’s shop.  I begged the guy for it but he didn’t want to sell it (You see, ugly statues form tight bonds with their fans).  I finally went home with it, spending way more than I should have I’m sure.

#109 (2)I was so happy with my ugly green cat statue.  Proudly placing it on my mantle…until one day my real cat came over and knocked it off the mantle!  On purpose? One will never know…. I was devastated (dramatic pause).  I couldn’t go on (dramatic pause) …I mourned (dramatic pause) …I couldn’t bear to throw out the cats head…So year after year, place after place, I have stuck this cat head somewhere in my house.  I just can’t bring myself to throw it in the trash…I can’t believe I am admitting this to the world…but yes.  I believe I may in fact, be a scary fake cat lady!

So just last year, I was in the throes of moving, when I received a text from my best junk loving friend.  There was simply a photo of a yellow cat, just like mine, only three feet tall!  The caption below said “Do you want me?”  I screamed!  How did she find it???? A crazy ugly cat just like my green one???? Oh the joy!!!  Needless to say, I said “Hell yeah!” and the rest is history…

We will soon be embarking on the journey to find a real cat for our household…do I bring my giant yellow faux cat to the pound to make sure they get along???

I’m thinking about it:)


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