You know me, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

I have the stack of art I created in Florida sitting on the table in my dining room.  Every time I walk by something has continued to bother me about this airplane doodle (refer to post #108 Airport Doodles While Stranded).  The fish doodle I just love in black & white.  It is simple, It is graphic, I wouldn’t change a thing, but this cat on a couch….I dunno…It needed something….Umm…What was it…Oh yeah…


It’s funny, as I was doodling, I was envisioning colorful patterns on the pillows, definitely some splashes of red and I was envisioning my dream couch – green with a chevron print.  I just love green. It’s my favorite color.

So, I colored the doodle in.  I added a little depth and I definitely added color.  It’s probably a little too over the top.  If I was to color it a second time, I would probably show a little bit of restraint, but heck, I had fun.  It was like asking a 5-year-old what color they want their room…they’re never going to say white right? 

It’s like going berserk as a decorator but not having to live with the consequences!

Hey, it just occurred to me, I can print out the black and white version and create a couple more dream color schemes.  That would be awesome.

Am I the only freak that would find this fun?

Oh well :)


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