#113 -Uggh another one of those days (3)

Man oh man, did I have a bad day at pottery class.  After Saturday’s major accomplishment of learning how to center the clay on the wheel, I thought I’d just saunter in today and be able to accomplish anything…


The day started off with no car which wasn’t a big deal until I realized all of my stamps and texture sheets I planned to create vases with today –were in the car!

This sort of left me unprepared for today.  I grabbed big hunks of clay and threw them on the wheel not knowing what I was going to make and they all just flopped.  I did get them centered though!

Four attempts at creating vessels failed.  I applied pressure unevenly, I opened the centers of the vessels unevenly; I created buckle after buckle. I just couldn’t pull it together!

I did manage to ask for some help and instruction which resulted in this bowl here down below.

  #113 -Uggh another one of those days (2)

Hopefully, the lessons will sink in and I’ll do better next week.

There was one saving grace to today’s blur of a pottery class though.

This bowl was completed:

#113 -Uggh another one of those days (1) #113 -Uggh another one of those days (4)

I just love the colors of this bowl and its organic shape.

It’s nice and big.  It could fit a whole bag of tortilla chips.  I will have to use it for my upcoming fiesta.

This cheered me up.

Ya know,  I’d really like to think I could live every day like Super Woman.  I guess some days, it’s just not meant to be.

“You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run….”


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  1. You lost your train of thought. One thing-no car/no stamps-ruined your focus. Next time, take a moment and do some deep breaths. Re-center yourself. However, your sunflower bowl at the bottom is nice!

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