The bulls-eye has been a common theme in my jewelry from the beginning.  Mostly because it is an excellent way to bounce color combinations off one another.

I am sure it is without saying, that the Master Wassily Kandinsky has greatly influenced my work, being one of the Father’s of Color Theory.


I can remember seeing his work at an early age and receiving energy from it.  As if I understood this unspoken language.  I can’t say that about all artists. Kandinsky believed art & music went hand in hand.  I think he tried to communicate this.  Creating movement and rhythm in art as one does in music.

I haven’t created a piece of jewelry in about 2-3 years.  I honestly don’t remember anymore.  As I started up this morning, I pulled all the relics from my old art studio out of a box.  When we moved, I literally took all the contents from my desk and threw them in a box.  My pencil jar, beads I was working with that day, notes on concepts I was working on that month, even unfinished pieces strung but without clasps.

It was bizarre.  It was like revisiting the person I was two years ago that I am not today.  Does that make sense?  Total time warp!

So, I read the notes to myself from that time and decided to finish some of the concepts that I had wanted to create but never got around to.

IMG_7300 IMG_7318

You see, back then, I was working on these link bracelets that had really small bulls-eyes on them. Now today, I created a bracelet with big bold bulls-eyes. Where as before they were dainty bracelets now it is more like a bangle.  Throughout the 90’s, jewelry was very conservative.  Now, everything is bold, ethnic and large.










I have been struggling with creating a matching necklace for these link bracelets. Back then, I tried using the metal links, but this made the bull’s-eyes tip forward unevenly.  It just wouldn’t work. This time I created each bead with an arched hole at their top, so they wouldn’t tip forward or flip around.  It seems to have worked.

Speaking of the necklace from a design perspective , I’m just not there yet.  I tried really large bulls-eyes as a choker necklace, I tried medium-sized bulls-eyes and I even created small ones to see if that was what I might want. None of the sizes jived with me.  I settled with a jumble of all three sizes…but this will not be the final necklace.  I will wear it a few times, figure out what I like and don’t like about it and then try it again.

That is the tough thing about a 365.  Most creative endeavors are not created merely in one day.  But, you get to catch a glimpse of my process and I get a new bracelet and necklace to wear.  Not a bad deal if I say so myself.

I look forward to trying again tomorrow!


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