#117 - GETTING EARTHY 1 (1)

It is so funny, for months I’ve been assembling these necklaces a little bit at a time, and it never occurred to me to add them into my Creative 365. So here is a glimpse of some of the things I’ve been doing at night after my daily post for the day.

#117 - GETTING EARTHY 1 (5)

There was a pottery show last night at the Guild here in Wakefield.  These necklaces will continue to be on sale for the next couple of weeks. Like a dummy, I brought them over without taking proper photos, but here were 4 I just added today.  I have two more I am finishing and will bring over too.

If my work is generally too bold and bright for you, then today is your day.  This is as earthy as I get!  These are my pottery pendant experiments.  Some have a real Provence look to them.  Very rustic with hints of yellows, greens and blues.  Some are really bright, and others have an Egyptian motif.

On another note, proud Mama got to witness her daughter’s first pottery exhibition:

#117 - GETTING EARTHY 1 (3) #117 - GETTING EARTHY 1 (4)

Rhea del Rosario from Plum Pottery East, designed this totem in her kid pottery class.  My daughters submission is the one on top.  It was cool to see all the children’s work together.  Each piece has its own personality.  I left a link here to Rhea’s website, click on her name above.  I just love her slogan “IN ART, AS IN LIFE, FINDING YOUR CENTER IS EVERYTHING” .  Aint that the truth! Well said.  Wait a minute…I’m having a really tough time centering in pottery…is that a metaphor for my life? Am I off-center? :)

One more bit of sad news:

#117 - GETTING EARTHY 1 (2)

It appears the planter I made for my mother’s birthday is not to be.  It came out of the kiln broken in six pieces. I’m sorry mom.  Here’s a photo to let you know, we were thinking of you!  Better luck next time…I’ll make you some bud vases for the spring…maybe you’ll get them for Thanksgiving :)

So if your local and looking for some not-so-blingy-bling stop on down at the Guild.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!


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