Jeanines woodland adventure 1

This morning I decided to add another page to the book my girlfriend is writing.  It is a family hiking guide.

Here was my last attempt:


I’m not sure if she’d admit it, but I may have totally freaked her out with the color overload :)

So today, I tried a more subtler, earthy, monochromatic border.

We toyed with the idea of maybe doing a few different borders within the field journal section of the book.  I like this idea because then we could use both! But it’s Jeanine’s book and I have to try to get to a point where my work matches up with what she was envisioning.  It’s not as easy as I thought.  Everyone has their own vision!

So I’m going to make this quick, because all of this painting of nature has made me want to get out into it!

We have some absolutely grand weather today.  I have a few more plants to dig up, transplant and divide.  Some hate yard work.  I wait all year for it!

Out I go into my suburban woodland adventure!


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