#119- Sweet Magnolias

I know I said I was going to do jewelry for a little while, but when I stepped outside this morning, I saw that the Magnolia buds had opened on the trees.  This completely derailed any other objective I had for the day!

I quickly grabbed some clippers, cut some blossoms and went inside to study them.  Give me another week or two and I may be ready to withstand the elements, but for now, it is still a little chilly. I went all over the house looking for a bud vase and couldn’t find any.  Then I remembered my milk glass collection above the fireplace and selected a sweet little vintage vase.

It was this time last year that I created these Magnolia paintings:


APRIL2012 492

The two from last year were watercolor, so I knew for today I wanted to push myself to try something different.  Also today, in the distance from the Magnolia tree, was a spectacular Maple tree with bright yellow-green buds.  I knew I wanted to incorporate that green somehow because the two were just vibrating off each other in nature.

Well, I’m happy with the finished product, it is way different from last years paintings in so many ways.  Mainly, it’s looser since I only got to spend a fraction of the time on it.  Sometimes being strapped for time makes you be more decisive which is good for the painting practice.

I will try to get back to jewelry in the upcoming days, but I warn you, I see something in bloom I’m stopping!


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