Pottery day today.

You can tell I have spring perpetually on my mind!

  Today I trimmed and under glazed a collection of bud vases.  Each have a bright color, but after they are bisque fired, I am going to add translucent colored glazes over them. This way I will have subtler colors on the outside with a pop of bright color shining through from underneath. I am hoping they will be sophisticated, yet fun.  The vase with the flower attached is going to be turquoise with a red flower.  It just seemed like that little bud vase needed a little something extra. It’s cute as a button. I also created a Swiss dot pattern on the little bowl because I am going to add a periwinkle glaze that will fill in the holes and hopefully create a nice smooth pattern. You can’t see it, but I stamped a cool peace sign in the center.  I’ll have to show you in the finished product.

We’ll see. You never know.  You hope for one thing, you sometimes get another.  Either way, I am ready to fill these vases with the fruits of my gardens! Stay tuned. They’ll probably wind up in my paintings!


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