Don’t ask!

I don’t know how I wound up with this image.

I bought some of the large 2ft x 3ft Archer’s Water Color Paper at the South County Art Supply 50% off sale.  So of course I felt obliged to use it right away!

 I am ever so slowly figuring out why I am constantly unhappy with these “more abstract” style paintings.  I just wet the paper and start playing but I never know what I am going to make.  It just isn’t working for me.  I did this yesterday too.  The major problem, is the painting winds up with no strong composition. The definition of insanity is: doing something over and over again, yet expecting a different result. I hope today is the last day I do this.  In my mad dash to finish something quickly, I am not organizing my thoughts and creating a plan of action.  Tomorrows painting will have a light sketch, so I at least have a little forethought.  I’ll keep at it though…

In my head, I chose a color palette of red, orange, pink and green.  Some how blue, yellow and brown crept in, and no pink! It is alright though, I really like the unplanned color scheme.  I need to reign myself in a bit, otherwise every painting will look the same!

I’m sure you’ve heard enough complaining.  I will walk away and try again tomorrow.  If you do something a hundred times you’re bound to improve right?

I will try, try, again! & Again.. & Again.. & Again…


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