Today I went to a Mayfair.


The air was filled with the sound of flutes, as beautiful children dressed in white, danced with flowers in their hair. It sounds like it could be from another era, but no, it was at our local Waldorf School.

We have had a streak of lovely weather here.  Kids are out playing, adults are tending to their yards. It is as if all of us bears are coming out of our caves after a long cold winter.

After the fair, responsibilities kicked in.  Yard work, house cleaning, food prep…my husband and I spent the day getting ready for tomorrows fiesta.

And then BAM!  It was 6pm and I hadn’t even thought about my art for today…I totally felt like cheating. If I could have, I would have photographed myself taking a nap!  But instead, I hunkered down, washed up, had a snack, refueled and went to painting.

I chose a really wet landscape because swirling the paint around can actually be relaxing and It was.  I finished my painting as my kids came in from the day, which was perfect timing.

We had some dinner and then I went to blog about my art for the day.

Something kind of struck me as odd.  It was a deja vu moment.  This painting seemed oddly familiar. Where had I seen it?

Then it occurred to me and I pulled it up:


Is it me or do these paintings look a lot alike?

It was post #37 – RED DUNE It must have been tucked away in my subconscious or they are just some of my favorite colors, which automatically come to mind when creating a landscape.

Hmmm… I’m just not sure.  I’ll have to sleep on it.  Sleep…ahh yes sleep. Yes that is what I need.

No photographs though!


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