#125 - The BESTA FIESTA1 (1)

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

If you ask me, it is one of the best excuses for a holiday I’ve ever heard of. This was our invite:

cinco de mayo 2013 just us

From what I understand , Cinco de Mayo is way more American than Mexican, which probably goes along with what we serve as well!  Today we had a build-your-own taco & burrito bar, 7 layer dips, red & white sangria, margaritas, salsas, guacamole, Mexican wedding cookies, home-made margarita cheesecake and the piste de resistance – Choco-Tacos!

Oh yes so very Mexican indeed ;)

Ok. really it is just an excuse to get outside for the first season’s party, drink some cerveza, hopefully eat a little queso and hang with friends!

I am at that stage in my life, that if you don’t have kids, you probably don’t want to hang-out with me, so I hang with everyone else in that same boat.  Let’s have a party and oh yeah, BRING YOUR KIDS!  Oh yes, the kids were brought let me tell you!


First I had the kids race around the house with jelly beans on spoons – I called it the “Mexican Jumping Bean” game.  They thought that was ridiculous, but they sure didn’t mind the jelly beans!

Next we did a little limbo. It is amazing how low those kids can go!  Funny, no adults participated in that one…

And for the finale, we had three different piñatas.  One was designed for tiny kids by my girlfriend.  It was wonderfully clever. She perforated a garbage bag with strings coming out of the bottom.  When the very little kids pulled, the candy was in little party bags and this way they all evenly received  a treat.   There’s a picture above.  Great idea.  The other piñatas were classic piñatas which were gifts from some of the families.  Last year I had one piñata for 50 kids….yeah, that didn’t go too well.  It was like Lord of the Flies!  So this year we broke into smaller groups and had enough piñata for every child to get a few turns.  Yeah, it was still a little Lord of the Flies!  It cracks me up to see what lengths kids will go to, to collect a few Smarties and fireballs.  Oh, and they were all fighting over who could keep the carcasses! Serious kid stuff. I love it.

It was an awesome day with awesome weather…THANK YOU. THANK YOU PARTY GODS!

As my creative project today, I thought I’d show you our little garden room we rehabbed for the party.

Here is the before:

#125 - The BESTA FIESTA1 (2)

And here is the after:

#125 - The BESTA FIESTA1 (3)

Ta dah!

We’ve only lived at this house for one summer.  Needless to say, we didn’t do anything last summer, so I wanted to make sure my kids had a fun little place to play.  As I removed the mulch that was placed there by the old home owners, I found a groovy little stone floor.  The rest is the magic of a coat of paint and some second-hand finds off of Craig’s List.  We are going to put some toys in there like an old doll house to play with too.  But for today, all the kids had fun playing with the beaded curtains and pretending it was their house.  Gosh I remember how much I loved playing house as a kid.

So my creativity came in the form of entertainment today and I had a lot of fun.

I am wiped out and with this, I must bid thee farewell.

Buenos noches mi amigos!


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  1. Looks like we missed a great fiesta! I just love the garden re-do – what a great space!
    Hasta luego!

    P.S. It’s “BuenAs noches, miS amigos”… having a pottery teacher from a border town is annoying, isn’t it?

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