Yesterday I picked up a ton of art books from the library hoping something might spark some creativity.

Oh there are so many beautiful inspiring books, but for some reason one book stood out in particular.

It is called  “STORIES eleven aboriginal artists”.  Works from the Holmes a Court Collection.

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I really am drawn to almost all insider and folk art.  I think it is because a lot of it is created using pattern, color and symbolism.  Here are some of the artworks I really enjoyed in this book:

IMG_8001 IMG_8000

IMG_8004 IMG_8002 IMG_8005

Almost all of the designs and embellishments are made from dots and small lines.  I love the graphic effect. They also remind me of Hundertwasser’s work from Vienna.  Vivid colors and lots of lines and shapes.

These images are said to come to the artists through dreams; shamans.

The bending paths are said to represents rivers.

This spoke to me.

My thoughts were: Rivers=Streams=Consciousness=Streams of Consciousness=Creativity

I thought of receiving inspiration, beauty and creativity through streams into my mind.

This is how I came up with todays subject matter.

I finished the dot streams today representing creativity entering my soul, thus “Filling the Well”. Tomorrow I plan on using some of the small lines and stripes to design the face and hair.  Got to add in some of those vivid colors I love so much too.

This is a big poster sized piece of Archers Watercolor paper it measures 22″ x 30″.  I am using acrylic though.  Most of the aboriginal art is done on wood board so I painted a base coat of olive-green to give the same feeling.

It’s fun.  It’s like pop-folk art.

Tune in tomorrow for the results!


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