Well, for good or bad, I kept going on yesterdays painting.

Looking back, I really like how simple my painting was yesterday.  But I had in my mind that I really wanted to try tiny line work. So I did the face.  The entire face is made out of hundreds of lines wrapping around the skeletal structure like a mosaic.

Here are the photos from yesterday to today:












I think since I went too far to begin with, I am going to go a little bit further tomorrow.  The black half circle up top is supposed to be the top of the head.  I think I will curl the bottom a bit more to make it look as if it could fit on top of the head.  I should have done a better job sketching. Also, I think I am going to add line texture to the hair. It just seems like I might as go all the way over the top…

Viewers, what do you think?  Should I texture the hair or leave it solid as a visual break from everything else?  I’d appreciate some input, When you stare at something for so many hours, you can’t tell any more.  I think that is why a lot of artists move on to new paintings and come back to previous work when their eyes are fresh again.

I’ll just take some input if you don’t mind.



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