So the only feedback I got yesterday was from a fellow blogger Caren Taylor. She said to keep the hair solid black.  Caren, I heard you loud and clear, but what I decided, is next week I will actually start from scratch and recreate this whole concept and hopefully apply what I’ve learned (which is not to over-do things!).  Thus the new one will be simplified and this painting, which started to become over-the-top, I decided to just push well over-that-top!

My husband had a very good point too.  He said it looked like the “symbolic creativity” was leaving my head, not entering my head (Funny, I’ve sort of felt like that lately!).  This made me sketch a hundred different scenarios and no matter what, it looked like the creativity was escaping.  I finally figured it out.  Because you are only seeing the head and not where the creativity is coming from, your mind can only deduce that it is leaving.  By alluding to the source of the creativity (via a strong vantage point) it begins to appear to be trickling down from somewhere…I will sketch this out a few more times and try again.  No quitting Mary! You can figure this out!

Weird.  I just talked to myself in a public forum.

It happens!

Woe, there I go again!


This is truly a weird painting. That’s what I get for checking out the art section of the library!  All sorts of things start crawling into your brain…I guess that was the whole point of this experiment.

Well now what?

I guess I can figuratively spend the rest of my day with my head cracked open, trying to absorb a little creative mojo.

Yeah, good idea Mary!


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