#134 - GLAZING DAY (1)b

When I arrived at Plum Pottery Studio, I sure had a lot of little creatures awaiting my arrival.

I had put off this part of the pottery process for some weeks now…it begins to build up….and then you must surrender to:

Glazing Day.

A lot of us dread glazing day because it takes a long time.

The glazes are stored in large gallon buckets.  Each color needs about 50 stirs to get the consistency even. If you adore color like I do, and feel the need to open at least 10 barrels, then that makes for around 500 stirs!

Generally, most people dip their pottery into the buckets.  They give it a swirl and they are done.  Maybe a second dip of another color on the rim.  But me?  Could I keep anything that simple?


Because I under glaze a lot of my pieces, I then have to hand paint with a paint brush the other colors I want to add plus a coat of clear to make them glossy.

Needless to say, it took me most of the class to glaze the eight pieces.

#134 - GLAZING DAY (2)

Hopefully next week I will get to see if I made some great glaze choices or if I completely ruined them!  Pottery is way to much of a gamble I tell ya.  Way to much to learn and perfect.

I finished up the class with some other small projects.  I put bottoms on the vases I am making for my mother’s patio and I eked out two more vases with the small slab of clay I had left from this session.#134 - GLAZING DAY (3)

I need to make as many vases as I can in the next few weeks to accommodate all the flowers I plan to pick from my gardens.  It should be fun to paint flowers in my own vases some day this summer.

So next week I will trim up these vases and head back to the pottery wheel in hopes that all of these lessons will have somehow sunk in!

I’m looking forward to some very colorful treasures!


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  1. … and now I will gingerly load the glaze kiln and keep my fingers crossed that everyone’s favorite couple come out looking grand! We may not want to let them go home with you, Mary!

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