Man, I really thought I could finish this today, but 5 hours later, there is still more to do!

It must be the technique of working with small lines and dots, which makes sense.  Filling in a flat plane of color would be a lot faster than thousands of little lines.  But I find the effect really cool, So it was worth giving it a try.

This angel stands 2.5 feet tall.

I still want to fill in the blue dress stripes with white dots, create colorful bulls-eyes in the wings where black now resides, and then also complete the halo where I want each orb in the halo to have a different pattern.  Yeah, so I was way off.  It will probably take me another whole day to knock off this to-do list.

Here is a photo of the progression so far:

#135 Getting closer

Today’s journey was about creating texture through the direction and pattern of line.  You can create movement in a dress by simply angling the lines slightly.  I love it.  I am sure this will be a skill I can apply to other works of art as I go.

I’m on day #135 and I have to tell you, I am really fighting some inner demons here.  I really wasn’t expecting to, but I have all sorts of thoughts rolling around in my head


 Worrying about the audience over the artist.

Finding amazing inspiration from library books and Pinterest, but then feeling totally lost or like a failure after doing so…I think they call this COMPARATIVE THINKING?  I find myself wondering “why didn’t I think of that?” or “wow that artist really has a definitive style… but, I don’t really have a definitive style….” or “I shouldn’t attempt that, that subject has been done already”.

I defeat myself before I even get out of the gate!

It reminds me of TV.

TV was starting to make me feel restless, worried, agitated & like I was always behind on the latest whatever!  I had all sorts of anxiety from the news shows, CSI and “Good Morning let me tell you what you should buy to make yourself better”.  When we moved, my husband and I decided to do away with cable.

All of the baggage resulting from a 24 hour news feed soon disappeared.  We read more.  We listen to beautiful music.  I definitely can say it has given me a more peaceful life.

Why do I mention this?

Because I think I have gone over the top with art books, art magazines, Pinterest,  & other artists blog sites…My brain doesn’t know how to process the ridiculous amount of information and pressure I have put on myself. Not to mention BLOG & FB statistics which is another whole addiction to deal with.

So like TV, gone will be my overindulgence of art literature & statistics. At least for a while. Until I can find my own voice, my own rhythm, my own intuition and creatively speak for myself again!

Can you tell I can be a little intense?

Alright, my kids are starving.  I’ve gotta run.  I can dissect my neurosis later! ;)


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