#136 – THE ARTISAN – Complete



I finished!  I finished!

I guess after completing a piece of art EVERY DAY for well over a hundred days, letting this piece take a few days felt more like a month!

It’s an acrylic painting that sort of simulates a mosaic.  I thought it would be fun to simulate a mosaic because it left lot’s of little areas for decorative detail. Here, check out these close-ups:

IMG_8406 IMG_8407

I feel like a bi-polar yo-yo.  One week I feel like creating more serious, traditional subject matter, but after a few days of that, I just feel the need to explode and do something a little unconventional or dare I say wacky.  Few normal paintings… a few experiments…a few normal…you see what I’m getting at? So now, after a week of dabbling into the unconventional, I now feel the need to sit down and do a still life or something traditional.

Hmm, I wonder what I will create tomorrow….


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  1. I like that I think if I run my fingers over it, I’ll feel the bumps from the different tiles.

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