#141- MEET IDA & ERNESTO  (1)

Ida & Ernesto have been married for over 30 years.  Ernesto just nods and pretends he’s listening because Ida talks too much.  Ida is always trying to improve things and make everything better.  Ernesto likes Ida just the way she is and tolerates her craziness.

The only thing missing from my pottery duo are Ida’s cat-eye glasses.  I was supposed to make them, but forgot.  I think she really needs them though.  Then she would look like the ultimate Floridian retiree.  She’ll have to go back to the studio next week.

I got my happy couple back today from my pottery class.  If you click the category “pottery” at the end of the post, you can see the multiple steps that went into them.

But that’s not all,  I got more back today!

#141- MEET IDA & ERNESTO  (2)

This one I had titled #99 -POTTERY IS FOR THE BIRDS .  I used three different glazes to achieve that swirly-blue.  I love it, I think it looks like fountain water.


#141- MEET IDA & ERNESTO  (3)

Here is a little bowl I had created a Swiss-dot impression on. I also stamped a peace sign in there.  I have no ide why, it probably would have been sweeter and simpler if I hadn’t (notice an on-going theme where I over-do things?)

Finally, today I received some of my little bud vases back from Post #120 – Nip it in the Bud.

#141- MEET IDA & ERNESTO  (4)

#141- MEET IDA & ERNESTO  (6) #141- MEET IDA & ERNESTO  (5)

#141- MEET IDA & ERNESTO  (7)

I love these vases so much, I made 5 more today!

  I am going to line my kitchen window sills with all the pretty buds blooming in my yard.  The bud vases are only 3 inches tall.  My mom said she saw some where they were calling them “mommy vases” for all the little bouquets kids pick.  You know the dandelions and violets we all kindly receive?  I thought that was cute.

Once and a while, I go to pottery class and it feels like Christmas.

Today was definitely one of those days.

Woo Hoo!


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