#142- COLORING  (1)

This is Day two of this 22×28″ still life watercolor.

I am trying a technique I have never tried before.  I created all of the shadows first and now I am adding the color.

Here is the progression thus far:

#140- Gaining Perspective (2) #140- Gaining Perspective (1) #142- COLORING  (2) #142- COLORING  (1)

I’ll tell you, I am usually the dummy trying to add shadows at the very end and all I wind up doing is muddying up and distorting the whole painting.  Adding them first makes so much sense.  However, next time I will not apply the same color shadow for the entire painting (In this painting it is all the same blue).  Some shadows are warm, some shadows are cool.  I often like to use a color’s compliment in the shadow like yellow/purple, red/green, and blue/orange. Which I didn’t even consider this time around…So much to remember, but I am slowly catching on.

 For all of you non-artists out there, I am sure I sound like I am rambling, but the point I am trying to make is there is so much thought, calculation and science that goes into making a successful painting.

I’m pretty sure it will take a lifetime to figure it all out.  A lifetime of mistakes and with each one, a new-found insight.  I guess if it were easy, there’d be no challenge in figuring it out right?

I’ll keep plugging away!


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