#143 - THE STOLEN BOWL (1)

Ya know, there’s a funny little story to this painting.

At my Cinco de Mayo party, a certain girlfriend brought a delicious dip to share.  As we were scarfing it down I told her “You know, that’s a really pretty dish.” She thanked me and then her husband chimed in… “Did my wife tell you the story of the bowl?”

#143 - THE STOLEN BOWL (2)

Apparently they were at a really expensive resort in Mexico.  This bowl was in there hotel and they just fell in love with it.  They told me they spent the whole week shopping the bazaars looking for a bowl like the one in the hotel and they just couldn’t find one. The vacation came to an end and I guess they just couldn’t part without it.

So they stole it.

This just cracked me up, because all of us have a similar story.

You know, we are all “good” people.  We would never steal from a store or a friend’s home or anything horrible like that, but at least once in your life, you just can’t part with something.

I have two of these stories.  One of them is about Stella Artois beer glasses.  I just love them.  Their beer glasses are shaped like a wine glass but for beer.  Is their anything more perfect?  I am not saying much more.  I have no idea how a Stella Artois bar glass wound up in my cabinet.  That is all I am saying about the subject. No idea.

My other guilty confession is about a rock.  I can’t believe I am confessing this to the world, but what the heck.


Take a good look.  It’s a rock.

Yep. Plain and simple, but for some reason I felt such a strong compulsion, I just had to have it.

I was on summer vacation at a beach house rental and this rock was on the vanity in my room.  I found this rock absolutely irresistible.  The lines on it almost look like tree lines.  They are perfect.  Each day I’d get ready at the vanity and admire this funky beach rock.  I live by the beach, it is not like I can’t go out and get hundreds of rocks. In fact, I do. I have quite a large beach rock collection.  By the time my vacation was up, I just felt like I had to have it.

Yep, I took it.

I’m always a little haunted.  I justified my heinous act by thinking “Ah, I’m sure it was just another renter who placed it there”… But what if it wasn’t?  What if some little old man just lost his wife to cancer and he sat on the beach sobbing and picked up that rock and every day he stared at it reminding him of the love for his wife. What if that rock had been on that vanity for 20 years and I ruined it?

I’ve got a great imagination don’t I?

Let’s face it, it’s a rock!

Anyway, my friend’s story of the stolen bowl reminded me that we are all human.  Good most of the time and kleptomaniac the other!

Now if you happened to have  a bowl that you thought was so great you just had to steal it, would you really be dumb enough to leave it at someone’s house after a party?

I’m thinking I might just “have to have” this bowl for myself ;)

hee hee hee.


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