#144 – Lands Stewardship Center of Rhode Island

Land Stewardship black Land Stewardship Land Stewardship B&W

A long time ago, on day #66 I posted PLEASE STOP CUTTING DOWN OUR TREES.


That was the day they began bulldozing the woods behind my house to add yet more homes to an area I think has more than enough….Let’s not go there.

That day I made a social decree, that if anyone knew anyone in the Rhode Island Land Trusts would they please pass my resume and tell them I’d love to volunteer my work for the cause (keeping land unused so that we have more to look at in this world than vinyl siding!) …Let’s not go there again.

Well my lovely friends put out the word, and now I have two projects.  The first is to create a logo for 4 organizations that are going to share common office space so they can better collaborate among their organizations.  They are going to call it “Lands Stewardship Center of Rhode Island”.

Here are the 4 organizations:

RI Natural History Survey

Southern RI Conservation District

RI Nursery & Landscape Association

RI Land Trust Councils

This sounds like a wonderful move.  All of these devoted organizations able to work together daily.  Great stuff.

So, in between paintings, I am going to be creating logos and working on the second project as well.  I am not telling you about that one, until I get to it!

So here is my first crack at it.  I went with a nature scene of course.  I put an extra dome over the logo to symbolize “protecting”.  One would use a dome to protect an object from destruction… These organizations are trying to protect land, water and the very air we breathe from destruction.

So we will see.  You have to start somewhere so that one can edit and create changes.  You can’t edit nothing right?

Away we go.


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