Meet the new addition to our family, Willow.

A week ago we picked up our new cat from the pound.  We went every day for a week to spend time with all of the cats to make sure we found the right cat for our family.  We fell in love with her instantly.

This past October we lost our previous cat of ten years during the hurricane.  She left and never returned.

This new cat came with the name Carissa, but we wanted more of a “cat” name than a human name, plus she didn’t have the name Carissa for long, it was the pound’s pick.

First we thought of the name Pearl but Pearl is sort of too difficult when calling for the cat.  “Here Pearl, Come Pearl, Oh Pearl…..”

I think it was my mom that introduced the name Willow.  It is an easy name when calling for the cat. It’s not really a human name. It’s Purrfect!

It really is perfect.

During the hurricane, a tree fell in our yard.  It was a beautiful very tall tree and I was really sad to lose it.  During the storm clean up, I stuck one of the fallen tree branches into a garden planter as I walked by.  To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember doing it.  This spring, I looked out at the planter and there were buds on the branch.


It is a willow tree.

So although we encountered loss during the last hurricane, there are many ways that we are still experiencing life.

We welcome our new little kitty Willow, with open hearts.


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