Wow, I’m feeling a little disoriented.  The weekend ended and I moved right into pottery class!

Today I had lot’s of things that needed trimming.  This is where you flip all of your vessels upside down on the pottery wheel and clean up the bottoms of your pottery.  You need to create a thin rim for your vessel to stand on while also creating the smallest surface possible to prevent glazes from sticking to the kiln. I had seven pieces to clean up, which took most of the class.

Then came the fun part, decorating and embellishing.

I went a little nuts on the bowl up above creating dots.  I just love the way the glazes break over the dots and leave little pools of glaze in their centers.  I dotted up a handle-less mug as well. Dots were definitely my thing today.

As was decorating some more of these little bud vases I’ve been creating.


On two of these mini vases I created patterned medallions. They give me an Asian-deco vibe.


And the last three I dedicated to flowers.  I just can’t get enough.  Now I will still get to enjoy flowers even when they are empty.

All of these will soon be bisque fired and then I can start adding some of that color I love so much.

Stay tuned to see these pieces evolve!



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