#149 - CAGES STUDIO (7)

You are going to have to forgive me for rushing through my post part for today.

I am attempting to do two things at once.

This morning I took a 2 hour drive to get to a fabric store to purchase fabric for some art I am framing.  I will frame it tomorrow and photograph it, so you can see what I am talking about.  The second thing I did today was begin an 18″x24″ painting of a windowsill in the composer John Cage and choreographer Merce Cunningham’s West 18th street apartment.

Really, the painting has nothing to do with those artists.  It just so happens, I was reading the book “Artists at Work –Inside the Studios of Today’s Most Celebrated Artists by David Seidner.

When I got to page 45 I saw this picture:

#149 - CAGES STUDIO (11)

Something about these plants really appealed to me.  Throughout the week, I kept coming back to this page.

I thought, what the heck, why not try to create an abstract painting from it?

#149 - CAGES STUDIO (3)

This was my first layer of paint.  It loosely reflects the view outside the NYC apartment.

next I added the wild stems, pots and leaves.

It looks a little off now, but I plan on adding lots of different colors and textures to the stems and leaves.

It’s going to be a color study of reds and greens.  One of my favorite color combinations.

So check in tomorrow.  I should have some art pieces framed and hopefully finish off this painting.

Ciao for Now!


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