#151 - CAGES STUDIO (1)

For reference to what Cage’s studio is all about, check out POST # 149  JOHN CAGE’S STUDIO.

I have no idea what happened here.  Pretty much, same as usual,  I just don’t know when to stop and the painting becomes over-the-top!  Well, some days I just feel that way and I have to get that energy out somehow. Plain & Simple. :)

I have a funny story.

I was at South County Art Supply (I know I mention them a lot, but you do a Creative 365 where else would I be hanging out?).  I was complaining about my Golden Acrylic paints. You see, I don’t know if it’s just me being a super messy- spastic painter or if other artists have this problem?

#151 - CAGES STUDIO (3)

The problem is, while I’m working on a painting, I have to constantly add more paint to my palette.

So what -you are thinking?

Well, imagine you have three hours and it takes a minute to open and close each tube of paint x 12 paint colors.  One could very easily spend 20-30 minutes constantly tinkering with the paint.

Well, I always feel short for time.  So first it was just that I left all the caps off while I was working, then paint dried in the caps and on the threads of the tubes and they just wouldn’t close anymore.  Then each tube was officially dried out at the top, so I had to take a knife and pick the dried-up paint out. Total time-buster!

Let’s just say the caps are gone now thanks to Willow.

#151- Cages studio5

Andrea the owner of South County Art Supply laughed at me.  She said “Funny, I have the same paints and I’ve never had any problems with the tubes.”

So it’s just that I’m a sloppy painter?

#151 - CAGES STUDIO (4)

I guess so.

Well, Andrea rocks for this very reason.  She researched and found a solution and special ordered me an alternative.

#151 - CAGES STUDIO (5)

We knew that the less expensive student paints came in flip-top caps, but what if you wanted a high quality professional paint?  My original problem was with the Golden tube paints.  Andrea found me the same paint manufacturer but different bottles.

How could someone write a blog about something so ridiculous?

What? It really was irritating me!

Now the problem has been solved and I’m a happy painter!

Thank you South County Art Supply


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