#153- ON THE RIGHT PATH (1)b

Wow.  I had a busy evening last night.

I had to stop at three different functions over the course of 4 hours.

I mention it, because I ran into a fellow artist and we had the most wonderfully engaging conversation. We talked about choosing mediums, working, mothering, finding time, figuring out your style, even being late bloomers. She’s married to an orthodontist. I’m married to a computer guy.  Left brains hanging out with right brains. It was so nice to share a common experience and get to talk shop!

So let me tell you about this painting.

It is a watercolor on 18×24 300 cold press paper.

I started it yesterday morning before I had started blogging and over-dissecting yesterday’s work. I mention this because again, my theory with these abstracts is to try to feel instead of think.  So without any thoughts on yesterday’s painting, I see some similar themes in my work.

The only premise I had given myself was that I wanted to deliberately not have a circle/orb in my painting.  I always seem to start with one and I wanted to force myself to go in another direction.

So what do I see? 

Without being deliberate, just letting one stroke take me to the next stroke, I created a “path”. I also see the little jumble of angst and over thinking in the right hand bottom corner and what is funny is I subconsciously have it falling out of a spilled bowl.  A bowl to me is like “filling the well” but mine is spilling out the not so great part of my artist psyche.

Embracing and studying my own work, it’s funny, it is like art therapy which is pretty big in psychology now.  Psychologists believe that your inner soul -your more animal instinct side, can’t exactly communicate from a thinking level.  It can however project images and symbols which if you pay attention to, can help you unlock your inner-self. Symbols can covey ten times as much as one single word. Things like colors, jagged harsh lines, soft flowing lines, shapes, all sorts of things can tell you what you are having a difficult time “thinking” through because as we all know thoughts and feelings are two different cans of worms. Your thoughts may not be attuned to your real feelings thus making you most likely want to seek out a psychologist. Ha!

The point I am trying to make is I whole hardily believe this.  When I was painting this painting, I was drawing lines.  One line, then another next to it, then another, then another.  I was not thinking “Hey let me sketch out a path and come up with some deep meaning or parable”.  I just let it flow and when I was done, I could see symbols in my work that I intuitively know, yet someone else may have completely different associations.

Without intention,I also added three areas of blue with yellow “dots”.  For me, symbolically, I interpret them to be the celestial “universe”.  So my “path” is intertwined with “the universe” which is very similar to yesterdays post.

I just think that’s darn cool that my inside is feeling that calling as much as my outside.  Hopefully this means I am on the right “path”.

It does seem to “feel” really good, this path I’m on.

but what is this pink river? It is flowing and it is hot and energetic.  Maybe that is it.  It is that wave, that river, that pool of creative energy.

Awesome-sauce.  I dig it!

One more thing, I accidentally snapped my camera too close to my painting.  This was the image:

#153- ON THE RIGHT PATH (2)b

I love the intensity of the close up, with less areas, more simplicity.  I would like to get my “areas” larger on my paper.  Bigger blocks of color, less detail.  But, that is my analytical side thinking, thinking, thinking….maybe I should just tell it to shut-up and let it flow!

Have a great day everybody!


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