Ahh, there is nothing like starting off with a bad pun!

Pottery day today.


I started off the morning by glazing the flower vase ring that will go around my mom’s umbrella pole on her picnic table.  It looks pretty ugly, but here are the color glazes I chose for the vases down below:


I put Nebula on the bottom which is a pearl color and greens and blues on the top.

So far I’ve broke my mother’s birthday pottery and this is the Mother’s Day present she never received.  I sure hope it makes it through the kiln!

I spent the rest of my class making mugs.  Believe it or not, for taking pottery for 8 months, I don’t have a lot of mugs. Here, check out my cabinet:


Shame on me!

We all found that the pretty mugs I made for the family, Post #64 THOSE ARE SOME GOOD LOOKING MUGS, were a little too small for every day consumption.  That’s what you get from a pottery newbie! So the mugs I made today are giant.  I’m also thinking of leaving the handles off, so I can cram more mugs into that tiny cabinet.

Does anyone own handle-less mugs? Are they too hot to hold?  I’d love some feedback while I still have time to put them on if I should.

So I was all confident today in pottery class.

My teacher was not there today.  I thought I am going to rock this today and for the most part I did.  I centered the clay by myself on the wheel, I compressed the bottoms and rims of my mugs, I didn’t even make a mess today which is totally unusual!

But there was one thing:


My last mug.  Beautiful shape.  Smooth sailing. Until I went to take the mug off the pottery wheel.

Yeah, I forgot to put the wooden bat under my clay, so that after I throw it, I can get it off the wheel!

Take a look up top at the first photo.  Each has a round bat that I worked on.

So yeah, I’m not as cool as I thought!

I left a note asking my instructor to pull it off the wheel after it dries.

Whoops, back to being humbled!

That pottery, it’s so much harder than it looks!

So next week I should get all the bud vases back bisque fired and I will begin to decorate & glaze those.

I’m getting to the last few classes and then I will break for summer.  I’m sure going to miss it!


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