#157 – IN MY GARDEN – The Poppy

#157 - IN MY GARDEN -Poppies

Mission complete.  I finished this 18 x 24″ watercolor of the poppies in my garden.

I have to say, I always get a little nervous when I get to the background:

#156- MY POPPY PATCH (1)c

I think the background in white is very pretty in itself. I always wonder should I stop right there?  Should I leave it as is?

But, I had in my mind to have a dark background, because when I was looking at my poppies in nature, it was dusk and the land was getting dark, yet the last of the sun was shining through the red petals and the long green leaves of my iris plants.  I just love to walk around my gardens at dusk.  Everything has had a long day of sun, it’s about to get dark and all the flowers will close their petals, rest, and reopen in the morning.

I also like how the fern type leaves of the poppy plant “pop” against the dark blue-green.  It helps to make them look delicate.

I definitely enjoyed the “free-ness” of the subject matter.  Their were so many areas where I could let loose and let the paints mingle in watery pools.

Well, I still have a bit more time before kid school pick-up.  I’m going to work on getting a head start on tomorrow.

I already have a fun idea in mind.

Until then!


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