Well it’s half of a painting anyway!

Today I started an acrylic painting on a 24″ x 24″ gessoed wooden panel.

It’s funny, yesterday, when I was creating postcards for a fundraiser, I didn’t have any real inspiration, so I blindly filled some cards with watercolor spots in hopes that I could find some sort of inspiration from looking at them. This was one of them:

#160 - More Gifts for Hera (3)

A view of the Newport Bridge came to mind.  It is one of my favorite scenic areas in my region.  Whereas this postcard is in no way accurate, it did remind me of a spot on Jamestown Island.  This spot is so pretty to me,  it actually makes me stop my car and pull over any time I see it!  I was looking around online to see if anyone had photographed my spot, but I couldn’t find any photos.  The photos I took simply don’t do it justice, but I’ll post them anyway so I can better explain the area.

IMG_8123 IMG_8231 IMG_8237

What I love about this spot, is the juxtaposition of a modern man-made bridge against the rustic charm of a farm.  A person might pull over just to view the quaintness of this cattle farm, but the giant bridge that looks like it is just popping right out of the woods?  I think it’s pretty darn cool.

In the autumn this farm field is filled with large rolled haystacks, I will have to try to revisit it.


So, in my painting, I am sort of moving things around.  To the left, I am going to add a tree in the foreground.  I like being there peeking under the trees.  I am also adding the tiny barn, but I made it closer to the foreground than in reality.  Both the tree and the barn aren’t where they are supposed to be, but they will be where I can enjoy them both at once!

The painting is a lot more serious than I planned on.  I thought I might have gone more bright and funky.  Instead tranquil came out.  Must be what my soul wanted to express.  That is what this spot symbolizes for me. I can almost picture myself sitting along this roadside right now!


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