Happy Father’s Day to my awesome husband.

When asked what he’d like to do today – “Absolutely Nothing!” was his reply.

I even talked him out of mowing the lawn – which is the #1 thing I harass him about!

So I need to hurry this up, so I can return to doing NOTHING! It’s quite nice actually.  We don’t do nothing very often.

This is the card I made this morning for Father’s Day. First in line is my husband who is quite the businessman by day and quite the goofball by night.  He has on half of a business shirt and half of a tie-dye. Of course with Birkenstocks.  Yep, that sums up his appearance.  I made myself, my usual mismatched, over-patterned, colorful self.  You know, the more is MORE philosophy to style.  And then my two kiddos, an 8 year old girl know-it-all and a 6-year-old boy who must prove his “coolness” through scary clothing daily. My son wears the same Crocs every single day of the year.  In fact, we could say he is very successfully accomplishing a Croc 365.  My daughter tries to wear flip-flops and tank-tops with the first blade of grass poking through the snow.  She’s a bit of a hippie nature lover.

Anyway, I came up with “Thank You for Keeping Us Ducks in a Row!” while trying to come up with an image that summed up my husband.  I’ve heard people use the term “better half” loosely, but no joke, my husband is the better half!  On top of working all day long at his own business, he comes home and loves to cook us dinner.  He plays with the kids, reads them books for over an hour every night and he enjoys supermarket shopping!  I am the spaz and he is the guy re-organizing the dishwasher and methodically plugging away at the laundry. The man never gets sick, so he is always the one nursing all three of us back to health. Dad is our go-to-guy for anything tech related too.  He fixes our printer, loads up music, outfits us with every state of the art gadget we would otherwise never even know about. We’d be in the stone ages if it wasn’t for him.

So that’s what I thought of.  Ducks in a row.  Organized.  Methodical.  He circles his flock, keeps them from getting lost or going awry. He is the back bone.  He is the straight line.  He is what holds us all together.

We are very lucky.

Thank you husband.

Thank you father to my children.

I’m pretty sure I got the better end of this life-long deal!

As my father said to my husband when he asked permission to marry me…”No Backsies!”  This should have been a warning!

Love you!


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  1. Great job! Your ducks actually look like each of you! I love your husband for his tech advice and cooking as well. : ) Thanks for marrying him!

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