Today I decided, or should I say forced myself, to go back to this 24″ x 24″ acrylic painting of THE VIEW OF NEWPORT BRIDGE FROM JAMESTOWN POST #161.

This painting has been giving me a tough time. 

Through feedback from my wonderful readers, I’ve figured out it is most likely because the painting lacks bright color (which I am attracted to) and it’s a little too serious (I tend to look for more playful subject matter).

Both reasons have left me unmotivated and at a loss for where to go next.  Here is the progression:


I had originally sketched in a little barn, but after painting it in, I felt like it was too corny and cliché.

So today I painted out the barn.

I also started adding extra layers of color to the foliage and fixed the steel girders on the bridge.

I started painting a field from left to right, but quickly it became a vegetable crop.

I still need to paint in front of the crop as well as add leaves and grass to the forefront of the painting.

I probably have one more days work. 

If you don’t mind, I am going to space this painting out and work on it again next Monday.   I feel like a child with A.D.D. being asked to stay still for 6 hours in a library!

I haven’t quit though.  I will see it through.

I promise!  :)


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