Well, this painting was not what I anticipated in the least, but yet here it is.

My goal for today was to play with the acrylic SPLASH Inks I newly acquired and celebrate their translucency. 21164-1049-2ww-m[1]I’m not sure what happened, but there is nothing translucent about my finished product. There are so many layers of paint it is quite actually the opposite!  I think it’s my age-old problem.  I am unhappy with that first layer of paint, so I add another…not exactly right…let’s add another…until I have six layers!  This is ok for traditional oils and acrylics, but for watercolors and Splash Inks you need to use the whites of your paper to convey the light tones of your painting.

So, I failed in that sense, but as soon as I got over that expectation, I had fun just the same.  I now know what multiple layers of Splash Inks look like!

The centers of the sunflowers were supposed to be loose and flowy, not dotty and psychedelic.  Again don’t know what happened there.  I also made each center a different color.  I’m not sure why I did that, but to me, it’s lacking restraint and preconception.  What I gather from todays work is that I still need to spend way more time sketching, planning out color, and coming up with a composition.  Winging it doesn’t exactly produce the results I’m looking for.

I’m being very critical today.  Sorry.  I’m sure it’s a buzz kill to hear so much complaining.

I think this has to do with the fact that I wake up every day not knowing what I am going to create. This stresses me out. I then add to the stress by stressing out on the now wasted hour or two I’ve spent not knowing what I want to create. It starts to take its toll.

So here is the advice to myself.  The same advice I give myself every ten days or so…

Mary, Mary, Mary.  This is not a race.  You do not win by rushing.  You succeed by flexing you art muscles every single day, just like exercise.  Just the act of showing up every day and creating something, is strengthening your skills.  Don’t be so critical.  Enjoy the ride.  The less stressed you are, the better the experience, the higher quality of your work.


Ahh, if only I had the wisdom to listen to myself, I wouldn’t get so bent out of shape!

Just like in the old Tom and Jerry cartoons, it’s like I have that angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.  Good thoughts and bad thoughts.  Each day, I never know who is going to win the battle.

My pessimist, perfectionist, critical devil won today.

But there’s still hope for tomorrow!


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  1. The center of the blue flower looks a bit transparent. Either way, they are beautiful and I love them!

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