#180 – MOO


Hi everybody.  I have bad news.  I’ve just spent an hour and a half trying to upload photos to WordPress and it keeps failing.  My little vacation cottage on Block Island has the slowest internet connection I’ve ever experienced.  Worse yet, it just fails and you lose whatever you were working on.

I mention this sadly, because I planned on sharing another fun-filled day of photos from the Block, but I don’t have it in me to try for the fourth time to upload and face yet another failed attempt.  I go home tomorrow, so I will wait and post more photos from my speedy computer tomorrow night.

So I leave you with a sweet little 5×8 postcard I created today.  One of my favorite spots on Block Island is this cattle farm on the side of a glacier hill.  You know, a rocky cliff carved out from the ice age.  I love to come visit this farm and watch the cows handle this terrain.  It’s like watching cows walk up and down a black diamond ski trail. They do it and they do it well.  This year there were two little calves running after mom for milk.  Sweet as can be.

I have a really hard time with humans overdeveloping land.  When I come to this place filled with rolling hills, birds and animals, I feel like I get to take a break from worrying about humans out of balance with nature.  Here people are respectful and are trying very hard to conserve their beautiful location, conserve resources, and live harmoniously.  Not one chain store, big box store or cookie-cutter development and yet people can survive here.  Wow.  what’s that tell you?

It is like I’ve gone to a fantasy land.

I won’t start ranting and raving …. I’ll just say, I wish the mainland where I live would cherish its natural resources a little bit more.  Value the green spaces over the allure of more tax revenue. Maybe even listen to all the small people who show up at town hall meetings begging for their areas to be left alone.  I don’t believe in the “power of progress”.  I think too many things around me are mowed, chopped down and leveled without true consideration for our community as a whole.  For society as a whole.  For humanity.  When will we have enough?  When can our country stop surviving on “growth” and move to a model of maintainance?  I’m reminded of the Lorax.  Enough already.  Give more tax relief to the people who do nothing with their land as opposed to the people who dismantle it.

So this is why I chose to vacation in the place I vacation.  Humans celebrating the beauty of nature.  Hiking, biking, beaching, sunset watching, beach combing, star-gazing, trips to the farms.   They are all ways to embrace recreation yet not leave a footprint.

I can get behind that.

I just wish I could stay for more than one week!


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