OK.  You are wondering why I didn’t finish yesterday’s painting right?

Well, I knew I couldn’t get it all done in one day and I didn’t want that painting dragging on for a week.  So, I hope to be able to finish it on Saturday and in the meantime, I will take on some smaller work I can finish within a day.

This painting is a 9×12″ watercolor of a star-gazer Lily.  I just couldn’t help but paint one after seeing my star-gazers begin to emerge this morning.  I love Asiatic Lilies. They are one of my favorite garden flowers.  Of course it’s because they are one of the BRIGHTEST additions to my gardens (me being obsessed with bright colors and all :).  I have blood-red, red/orange, classic orange, peach, mauve and the classic hot pink lily.  I still have a tough time picking them though.  I love seeing them in my garden.

Are you wondering about the strange image in the back left?  I figured it would make a very typical ho-hum floral study a little unique.  Like someone would have to wonder why is it there?  Why is it cut in half?  Does it mean something?  Many years from now, when this little painting is on its third yard sale, someone will be asking this question and just like the Mona Lisa, there will be something quirky about it that makes them take it home.  It will go in their bathroom and every single time they are sitting in there, they’ll wonder why that guy is in the painting….who is he?  Why damn it?  Why?

Oh yes, this is how I amuse myself while painting at 11:30 at night.

It was yet another crazy day with the kids home today.  We went all over accomplishing errands, went and had a picnic in Jamestown, came home-made some fruit smoothies, played a little baseball and I look at the clock and it’s only 3:30.  How do the teachers do it?  So many hours!!! I thought for sure it was 7pm!

I joke about it being a little bit stressful, but really it’s very nice.  My kids are at a perfect age.  They are polite, helpful and for the most part get along.  I am glad I get to witness all the silly things that come out of their mouths and I get to enjoy the occasional ice cream cone too.  Those are the perks!

But I am so very tired.  I haven’t really had time to exercise lately and I feel it taking its toll on my body.

Ebb + Flow

Ebb + Flow



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