I spent the 4th of July holiday in New York.  My mother lives near the Hudson River outside of Manhattan.

She lives on a little lake that the kids and I refer to as “Chocolate Lake”.

I am telling you, I have never seen such a brown lake in my life!

My mom thinks it’s due to the carp they put in the pond.  They’ve eaten all of the vegetation in the water leaving it brown.  Maybe it’s just the color of the bottom of the lake floor.  Who knows.  But the idea of a chocolate lake sounds way more appealing!

We had a lovely holiday visit.  The kids went fishing and canoeing.  It was super hot, so we did a lot of swimming and we all pretty much enjoyed watching the kids be kids.

We are back home now.  The kids passed out on the car trip home and as usual, I’m feeling like joining them!  I’m sure glad I did my painting in the morning today. I don’t have much left in me!

For this reason, I bid you a good night and will return tomorrow at some point.

Enjoy your weekend!


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