#187- Chocolate Lake colorized

Before I left my mother’s house, I wondered what would Chocolate Lake look like if it were colorful?  If you look at yesterday’s post, it is more realistic.  My mother lake is definitely very brown.

That’s the fun thing about being an artist.  I can wonder.  I can imagine.  I can envision things differently.

I like this little 9×12 watercolor.

I very loosely captured the lily pads.  I made the grasses golden, the woods crimson and the water purple-blue.

That’s the world I live in.  Where everything is colorful.!

It is sweltering today.  I live in a summer vacation town right by the beach.  As a local, we patiently wait for all the beach day trippers to go home and then we go to the beach in the early evening.

It’s now that time.  Time to throw on our suits, grab some towels, grab some boogie-boards and head-on-out.

Stay cool everybody.  Summer has finally arrived!


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