Mission complete.  I finished #2 in a series of paintings of the Victorian buildings in Old Harbor Block Island.  I still have quite a few paintings to go!

The Star Department Store has been the official “tourist” shop for over 50 years.  It’s where you find your baseball cap, hoodie and sandals for the summer.  Let’s face it, humans crave tradition, so Star would be part of the Block Island tradition.  To the right, is my kids favorite destination, Building Block Toy Store.  We let them window shop all week and then at the end of the week they get to buy their “souvenir”.  Which it never is, it’s generally a stuffed animal they just had to have. Which is now part of our BI tradition as well. I added Del’s Lemonade because it is SO Rhode Island.  Del’s frozen Lemonade, coffee milk and cheese-less pizza are truly RI phenomena.  Seaside Marketplace stores turn over too quickly, so I didn’t want to add them to my painting, but I did slip in B-Eye, which is a sunglass store.  Mainly because I love their clever name.  B-Eye instead of BI.  Building “Block” as in Block Island but also kid wooden blocks….They get props for clever names in my book!

Next I will paint the Harborside Inn, The New Shoreham House, Mohegan Café, The National Hotel, The Surf Hotel and I have to do a full size Block Island Ferry at some point too.  These paintings are going to make for a beautiful bathroom I tell you!

Here is the progression of this painting:

#183- A Block Island View IMG_0997 IMG_0999

I am teaching kid art classes this week, so you will get a break from Block Island. I also want to finish my Newport Bridge painting as well.  Pretty much, so I can get it out of my dining room!

It’s another scorcher here in RI.  Time to get back into our bathing suits.

Have a good one!


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