Don’t we all have that friend that fills their Facebook page with quotes and words of wisdom?

I hate that.

I have to be honest with ya. I find it so annoying.

It’s way more happiness that I can take on any given day!


I don’t know what happened, but today while I was surfing Pinterest, a little blurb just kinda stuck with me.

“Some Days You Just Have to Create Your Own Sunshine”.

I really love those words. Instantly I had a visual of a sun, but as I thought about the words, they could mean so many things.

You know that feeling.  You’re down in the dumps and everything just seems to get worse and worse…well, SNAP OUT OF IT!  You create your own experiences, you have the power to change your disposition.  You can create your own sunshine.

Then I thought about opportunities in life.  You can sit on the couch and wait for something magic to happen in your life, you can tell yourself next year will be “the year” you go for it. You can tell yourself just about anything you think you want to hear, but if you really want to experience those opportunities, then you have to do it.  You have to take the leap, set the goal, hold yourself accountable for reaching them or not.  You can create your own sunshine.

Lastly, I thought about my great love of light, color, warmth, & brightness.  What’s my calling in life?  To create my own sunshine.  Literally. Through clothing, home-decor, artwork, jewelry…. I am bright as all get-out. It picks me up, gives me energy, and there is always the added bonus of freaking everyone else out.  You know, all the taupe & olive drabs of the world.

For those who know me, they might even recommend sunglasses.

So no, I don’t think I will be blasting anyone with ten happy thoughts a day, but when I see something that moves me, gosh darn it, I’m gonna share it!

I think my pendulum swings a little closer to pessimist than optimist.  Maybe that’s one more meaning for this phrase.  Mary has to come out of the darkness, just a little bit at a time….and into that “optimist” sunshine…

….yeah right, gag me with a giant metal spoon!


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