#193- Making a Splash (3)

Boy did we have a messy day creating kids art today!

My idea was to let the kids have fun splash painting and creating over-sized spin art which we would then include in our collages.

I created a spin art machine using an old box fan and a glue gun.  We have gotten so much use out of it.

The splash painting was created using a couple feet of rope, two chairs, clothes pins and a ton of drop clothes!

#193- Making a Splash (2) #193- Making a Splash (5) #193- Making a Splash (4)


Oh boy did they let loose.  There was paint EVERYWHERE!!!

Clothes, driveway, face, arms, legs, ME!  Nothing was safe!

#193 - Making a splash 14

I guess in hindsight some artist smocks may have been a good idea.  Sorry Mom!

#193- Making a Splash (7) #193- Making a Splash (12)

Next we returned to the home-made stamps from yesterday and had fun applying the paint and stamping them.  I had the kids create note cards so they could give them as gifts.  I especially love the floral stamp the younger child created.  It has a beautiful graphic element to it.

#193- Making a Splash (6) #193- Making a Splash (8)

The older child had fun with the brayer and the extra paint. She created three layers of paint on her paper.  The first two layers she dried with a blow dryer and then the third she left wet. With a trusty chopstick, she was able to carve away the wet layer of paint and create a very cool picture.  Now how do you like that? She added one more technique to the process.  Who’s teaching who?

I learned so much from observing them, that was quite cool.  I hadn’t considered that reward.

#193- Making a Splash (9) #193- Making a Splash (10) #193- Making a Splash (13)

We finished out the day with the collages.  I had a large bin of yarn, recyclables, felt, specialty papers and of course the painted papers they had created earlier. I simply adore the tie-dye shirts and dresses above.  They are so cool!

#193- Making a Splash (1)

The eldest went home and continued to work on her collage.  Her mom sent this to me at the end of the day.  Look at all of the amazing detail.   The candy, cupcake, and ice cream are my favorite and of course the pretty face.  She made a self-portrait which is incredibly accurate. They are beautiful kids.

So that was the conclusion of the kids art lessons.  It was a great way to spend the week.

A creative feast before my very eyes.

I hope the kids continue to love art & craft as much as I do.

It brightens up every single day.


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